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Design for École du Louvre, 2014

Tailor-made furniture and lighting: a continuous line of tables, equipped with individual desk pads and reading lights and integrated signage and recharging facilities. This desk concept saves room and provides more comfort and better lighting to make it easier to take notes manually and on computer.

The ensemble highlights the curved typology of the lecture hall, punctuated by the illuminated desk pads, which are conducive to concentration and offer a better vantage point. The Amphitheatre is used for lectures, examinations and receptions. The innovative creation and implementation of the curved pressed multilayered tables is reflected in the lobby furniture.

The Rohan Amphitheatre, a teaching venue open to all, belongs to the prestigious École du Louvre and is situated within the Carrousel du Louvre. This design is the result of a concerted effort by all its users: professionals, students and professors. Its hallmark is innovative sustainability, expressed through high-quality materials and reduced upkeep and energy costs at an affordable cost.