City and Mobile Gardens Collections


The main successes of our collaboration from 1990 to 2011 with SINEU GRAFF led us to a new collaboration underway in 2021. The regular renewal of the design of these lines of urban furniture and their anticipation of new uses remain the image of our collaborations and marks Sineu Graff’s extensive international presence. In 1990, our first collaboration took shape with the CITY metal frame, applied to seats and backrests. This concept has been the subject of a patent, its design significantly alleviates the presence of street furniture in the fittings.


The transparency due to this frame and its comfort are developed for sites affected by vandalism. In 2000, Garden City became more sophisticated, the goal was to introduce metal furniture into the gardens. Its design combines its comfort with new types of seating (the first urban deckchairs and armchairs, tables), all of which are arranged in the manner of outdoor lounges, to break with aligned siting habits.

In 2007, the Optima range developed a minimal design of eco furniture designed from an angle iron and simple wooden planks.

In 2011 the concept of the MOBILE GARDEN



Observeurdesign Label – APCI


The mobile garden and the City lines contribute to Sineugraff’s development in 30 countries and to its commitment to sustainable development.

Among the locations, photo captions:

  • Le Havre, Place Niemeyer: take a break facing the canal, Garden City armchairs and chaise longue.
  • Montreuil sous bois (93) furnishing in Garden City for the entire Parc des Guilands. 26 hectares built by the PENA landscape agency.
  • Development of the banks of the Loire in Orléans – Development in Lille.
  • Mobile garden locations in Tremblay, France.
  • In the Savoy seaside resorts – Place de l’Hotel de Ville Amiens, and in Calais.
  • A massive establishment in all continents.