Clothing collection box

Design of a clothing collection container for ECOTEXTILE, implemented in collaboration with SERI.


This design study, carried out in 2013, marks the start of the clothing collection in the city center. Encouraging the collection of used clothing is essential to avoid polluting incineration and overconsumption. The City of Paris sets a design requirement for the development of this practice, which it encourages to support its ecological and civic policy. Collecting clothes protects the environment by avoiding polluting incineration. The aim is to reuse or recycle them after collecting and sorting them, which requires citizen participation in this ecological gesture.


In order for the user to appropriate this practice marked by vandalism, greed and tags, we started by working on its integration into the landscape: reducing its visual impact, rethinking its internal and external mechanism, making it quieter, gentler. , secured. Its original signage is a precisely located label that explains how to donate things, what this donation is used for. Its shape of a half-open box marks the enhancement of this gesture. It invites the user to practice this collection as often as possible, as close as possible to his home. This gesture is now common practice. It provides a feeling of being an actor of the environment. He changed the way we look at these objects which are no longer too tall, bulky, dangerous containers that attract lust and customary drifts… The colors are chosen by the cities. This design has tamed these containers so that they become full-fledged street furniture.

Study carried out with the collaboration of Yvan Nury, design office BE Métalétude, Tera Création, graphic design.


Janus de la Cité 2014