The Cyclade wall lamp

The Cyclade wall lamp has been produced by SOKA since 1990. Its LED version was developed in 2014 for lighting the hall of the Rohan amphitheater at the Louvre School. It has also equipped sites such as the Cité de la Musique, the Comédie Française and the Abbaye Saint Germain Paris hotel.


This project, winner of a competition initiated by ECM (Study and Creation of Furniture) in 1988. Meeting with Jacques Bobroff in 1988, creator of the Espace lumière showrooms.


Blown glass mask, incorporating an opaline sheet for a soft and perfectly distributed diffusion of light. This wall light is dedicated to traffic for sites. Its design facilitates installation and maintenance by its fixing device hidden by this glass mask which plays on the transparencies of the transparent and opalescent glass edges.


Louvre school.
City of Music.
French comedy.