The LINKA chair was commissioned by Yon Morel Gallery 2020. The ICILA street furniture line is manufactured and edited by TF Tôlerie Forezienne. The ICILA SONG chairs are developed as part of my interactive scenographies.


Benoît Morel is editor and author of podcasts, on Design, “le Trait” and “Prend une chaise”. Following our meeting in 2020 and his proposal, I agreed to reinterpret my design of ICILA seats, ICILASONG born in 2008 so that it meets high-end private interior use. In 2021, the 2 lines ICILA and LINKA are thus designed with distinct properties. To gain lightness and mobility, LINKA is made of aluminum and loses 28 kg. Its flexible comfort, due to its cantilever design, is reinforced by a tapestry technique developed in collaboration with the Siegeair production workshop, a high-end upholsterer, which has allowed us to retain the image of its historic design.
This new LINKA chair is available in leather or upholstery fabric. It is available in 2 sizes, high and low.


Genesis of the ICILA chair

In 2008, ICILA was designed from a sheet of steel cut, folded, seamless and without drop (-1%). Its flexibility uses the density of steel to mark the urban design, a practice then little publicized, with this design of contemporary chair conceived for the landscape. Its sturdy but flexible, cantilevered design seems very light on the scale of the landscape where it unfolds in space like a Popup.

I associated this project with my first research on sound conduction applied to street furniture, taking advantage of the pretext of this study: the anniversary of the Cité du design in Saint-Etienne. The project was selected without the sound application that I also continued to develop with my ICILA SONG scenographies at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, then in Brussels with the first Salon de Musique linked to the MIM (Musee des Instrument de Musique) then in Helsinki WDC 2012 and in Paris as part of the Smart Urban Furniture call for projects.

La Tôlerie Forézienne (TF) has been marketing this line since 2008.

I have regularly updated it in terms of variants and colors (ICILA link on Instagram). This line includes seats for walls, benches, shelves or ottomans, developed for the development of the Villepinte Exhibition Center and presented during Paris Design Week 2018, the anniversary year of its creation.


2018 PARIS DESIGN WEEK “Sensitive Landscape Materials” Galerie Joseph, Paris
2017 Installation of the ICILA line in all areas surrounding the reception halls of the Villepinte Exhibition Center – indoor / outdoor
2016 Paris Saint Germain. Ollivary Gallery – 1 rue Jacob 75006. 2015 Act II Music Fair, IBGE – Brussels Environment project, collaboration with Louis Dandrel sound designer and composer.
2014 Paris. 1.618 Sustainable Luxury, Carreau du Temple.
2013 New York: first “French Design Connexion” exhibition at Chambers Hotel. Meet my project.
2012 Grand Paris: “Pliage et vent”, permanent installation of 30 ICILA chairs in the Jardin Anna Marly.
2012 Helsinki WDC, World Design Capital, Presentation at the French Pavilion. Intervention initiated by the Institut de France in Finland and the APCI.
2012 Paris. “Under the cobblestones, design” Urban Design Exhibition at LIEU DU DESIGN.
2012 Tunis. Intervention at Manouba and Workshop for ESSTD, Higher School of Design Sciences and Techniques of Tunis.
2011 Paris. City of Paris Intelligent Street Furniture call for projects.
2010 Bruxelles Mont des Arts: “Le Salon de Musique”, public commission by IBGE Bruxelles Environnement, Ministry of the Brussels Capital Region, produced in partnership with the MIM, Musee des Instruments de Musique.
2010 Paris – Gallery 51 – rue de Seine, Paris Saint Germain – Presentation of the selection of the virtual gallery Outdoorzgallery.com.
2008 City of design of Saint-Etienne. “Song”, project Selected by Human Cities during the 2008 Saint-Étienne International Design Biennial at the Cité du Design.