Design of the luminaire designed for GHM cast iron poles in 2011, implemented by ECLATEC lighting technology.


Following our renewed collaboration since 1995, GHM entrusted me with this design order for a new lighting archetype. We are on the eve of the LED lighting revolution which will transform the design of urban basins and lighting. The GHM ECLATEC Group combine their skills, ECLATEC therefore ensures the technical development of this luminaire to allow it to adapt to new lighting technologies.


To renew the classic lantern, a “precious, fluid and discreet” design that refines public spaces.

In this context of change, this design offers various accessories, designed like the claws of a jewel, which allow this luminaire to adapt to all styles of poles, fittings and technologies. I use cast iron to draw shapes that stand out against the sky, which the defining precision of LED lighting emphasizes. The relief pattern applied to the exterior of the luminaire, reverses the role of the reflector, vibrates its protective dome of the environment by attracting ambient lights to it. Following the analysis of the archives that GHM made available to me, I return to the round shapes of the lanterns to mark a break in the habits of 4-sided lanterns. PERLE emits a soft, comfortable, precious and efficient light. It highlights all his anticipations – LED technology and the ULOR standard, as well as his inspirations from different eras: the painting “the girl with a pearl” by the painter Vermeer and the interpretation of the folds by embossing the lamp. in “fruit” paper by Kaare Klint, architect designer.