S O L / L U N E

Scent mobile sculpture. This creation is part of the Sensitive Materials theme of the Landscape. News: Realization for SITEM 2021 at the Carrousel du Louvre: immersive, sound and olfactory scenography on the astral and aquatic theme.


Meeting with Didier Ringot, manager of the Ringot & Villarecci marble factory in 2018, historical distributor in France of upcycled glass Glasskeramik MAGNA. He wishes to offer his know-how applied to this new material close to marble by participating in Paris Design Week. The first copy of this mobile sculpture was made in glass and BFHUP. The 2021 version in stone and glass is presented for the first time on a scenography dedicated to my theme Sensitive Landscape Materials, developed around aquatic and astral immersion at SITEM at the Carrousel du Louvre.


Placed near a light source, this mobile object imposes itself by the density of its materials diverted from their architectural use. They generate its slow movement, punctuated by the movements of air, which it perfumes thanks to a device designed and integrated into the moon in 2021. Sol, the solar disk is a glass marquetry made from broken up-cycled glass , of which I use the slice to enhance these shards of glass collected recycled in this luxury material. The Moon, carved in a stone from Hainaut integrates the diffusion device, studied with a specialized engineer. Its mirror face illuminates its shadows cast by its reflection which flies off the walls and the ceiling. The sound and olfactory scenography of SITEM 2021 was produced with the collaboration of AKATIMI production, of Epic Lighting high precision dynamic lighting. The creators associated with this scenography: Carole Calvez, olfactory designer and Laurent Sauvagnac, sound designer.



Espace Cécile Planchais Design SITEM 2021

PARIS DESIGN WEEK 2018 Cécile Planchais


Assembly mounted on a specific stainless steel support. Dimensions: H 67 cm excluding suspension. Weight 12kg.