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Mobile made from 2 new materials : Glaskeramik® and the the latest generation of concretes

This suspended contemplative object evolves with the air and the light tells us an appointment between the Sun and the Moon.  Designed for outside or inside, near a source of natural light.

The solar disc attracts light in its glass marquetry, composed of all aspects offered by the Glaskeramik®. This precious material is obtained by a sophisticated manufacturing process, which reuses shards of industrial glass. The moon turns slowly around the steel wire that connects it to the sun, gives off a slight scent of spicy woodwork. Its fine smooth and matte texture, made in Ultra High Performance Fiber reinforced Concrete (BFUHP), plays the contrast with this bright sun.

Sol & Lune was realized by the RINGOT & VILLARECCI marble workshop The sun's glass marquetry uses Glaskeramik®, an overcycled glass plate produced by MAGNA. The moon is molded in BFUHP, Ultra High Performance Fiber reinforced Concrete , by MOBILUM.

Dimension of this first limited edition copy : 35 cm / 68 cm off suspension device. 12 Kg

© Image Studio Gust for Cécile Planchais

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