The IMIROIR bench 

The IMIROIR bench transmits the spirit of the place in motion through its reflections, through a visual and sound interpretation. The image of the site, reflected by the mirror-polished stainless steel back and seat, tells of the light, the moment, the seasons. In 2016, the IMIROIR bench enriched this proposal by associating sound with the image of the site transmitted by this bench, its shapes and material being perfectly suited to sound diffusion by vibration. Its sound system in 2017 allows the user to experience the sound as much as the place he lives. Each project is carried out according to the site and the sound use.


This creation is the support of my research on the interactions between the object, the user and the environment.


The IMIROIR bench invites the user to appreciate his environment, to share this listening experience without a headset, headset or smartphone. Thanks to its integrated sound diffusion principle patented in 2021, it mobilizes attention while providing a relaxing effect. This exchange, reserved for the seated listener and his immediate entourage, limits noise pollution and offers a new approach to hearing accessibility. His installations are regularly presented on Instagram as part of my installations Sensitive matters of the landscapeIMIROIR Installations


2021 Installation carried out at SITEM 2021, International exhibition of museums, places of culture and tourism, innovation promotion, with the collaboration of AKATIMI (assembly of projected visuals) and EPIC lighting (ground protection). The associated creators Carole Calvez (perfume), Laurent Sauvagnac (soundtrack).

2020 INTERCULTURAL SOUND MEETING POINTS are experiments carried out as part of the Lille 2020 POCs, World Design Capital.

“The passengers of the IMIROIR bench” is the scenography presented to the general public at the National School of Arts and Crafts in Lille. The IMIROIR bench was programmed there with a sound fresco produced with this collective of Belgian and French designers and project managers, following our Call for Sound Materials launched for the inhabitants of Hauts de France and Belgium during confinement.

Lille 2020 World capital of design. The experiment continued until January 2021 at the IRPA Institute for Speech and Hearing Rehabilitation.


IFD Institut Français du Design: First presentation at the URBACCESS trade fair.
APCI Promotion of design: Label Observeur Design exhibition at VIA
“Outside the city of tomorrow”
Design For All Barcelona: Good Practice Label, nomination for inclusive accessibility initiatives.


Permanent installations:
– Private garden in Maine, USA
“Extract of Nature” in the garden of the Saint Joseph hospital, Paris